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Atlassian Tools Users Email Lists and Mailing Addresses

Atlassian software and products users email and mailing list List Updated : February 2018

Profile:Email marketing lists for Atlassian tools Users

Atlassian has been a successful enterprise software developing company since 2002. This Australian company hasnít looked back after developing their first software called JIRA which an useful tool for software developers. The software was available to all from a simple internet download and points the entire workflow along with tracking of issues. It gets easily integrated with other developer applications, and the teams have the chance to use sets of application program interfaces available in it to suit their needs. Besides JIRA Atlassian has come up with a variety of products like:

  • Confluence: Collaboration software aiding to connect peers and enhance their performances at work.
  • HipChat: Corporate software allowing team chatting efficiently. It has video calling, screen sharing and security enhancements.
  • Bitbucket: Web-hosting service with easy collaboration facility. StatusPage: CRM software used by enterprises to update and inform their customers.
  • At List2Tech we have formulated specialized List of Atlassian Tool Users to give marketers a viable support to target the global subscribers of this companyís products.

    Atlassian has over 60,000 customers worldwide which includes 85 companies from the Fortune 100 list. Companies from different industries rely on their services to run their businesses smoothly. We know it very well that it might not be possible for you to collect the data of every single one of them on a manual basis. Thatís why our Atlassian Tool Users Email List can be of immense help for you to plan a massive B2B campaign. Right resources are necessary to initiate viable techniques to induce targeted audiences for trying out your services. The Atlassian Tool Users Email Addresses have been collated from a number of reliable sites such as yellow pages, conferences, government reports on companies, seminars, business research papers etc. Besides these databases undergo strict filtering and updates for error-removal and being non-redundant. Make a move today and Buy Mailing Database of Atlassian Tool Users.

    Bring out the best in your corporate campaigns through the Atlassian tool users mailing lists

    List2Techís Atlassian Tool Users Mailing Lists encompass extensive audience profiles about the clients of this enterprise software developing company. The information has been segmented under categories such as name, company, website, designation, contact number, email address, physical address, city, country, ZIP code, annual income and much more. We aim at delivering you relevant information so that you can plan your campaign based on them without any difficulty. Generally due to the lengthy size of databases marketers often get confused, our email lists are easier to comprehend and systematic in usage. We also offer you details from different nations like Canada, Australia, UK, US, China, Japan, Russia, Germany, Italy etc.

    We have rich Atlassian tool users Users Mailing Database on:

    • Atlassian Users List
    • Atlassian Users in US, UK, Canada and Australia
    • Atlassian Software Users
    • Atlassian Product Users
    • Atlassian JIRA users database
    • List of Confluence users

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CFO Insurance
CXO Healthcare
Atlassian users project Managers Hospitality
Atlassian users Fleet Management
Atlassian users Data Base Administrator(DBAs) Pharmaceutical
Business Analysts Retail
Atlassian users Consultant Chemical Industry
  Construction and Infrastructure
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